Beverly place suites marilao bulcan philippines hotel review (26-09-18)

When i reached marilao. My friend told me one of the better hotels in the area was beverly place suites. Beverly place suites is those kind of drive through hotel. You have a garage where u can park the car. The room is at the second floor. Somewhat the internet is always bad. Maybe only when you are outside the house then the internet is better. They keep call u if u want to extend. Then also they keep bugging you for payment because they seem to be afraid you are not able to pay. They also dun accept credit cards. The things inside seems somewhat spoilt. I think its the second time i went there and after you close the aircon because it was too cold. When you restart it the air con was no longer cold. We changed from the 2nd house to the 7th house and somewhat the shower knob was broken. Well after being in philippines for a while you stop expecting stuff and think that these hotels are of the better bunch. That being said. They have laundry service also they have sell food. I bought instant noodles and asked them for free hot water.

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