Between sharing and keeping to yourself

I have many times thought would it be better to type these articles to share or keep them for myself and charge people for advice. After all, time, effort and sometimes even money is involved in finding out how things work. Not to be denied is that until now I can’t find a good answer for this. But I think some sacrifices have to be made in order for this to work. Whether to keep your experience or share it? I will leave the answer to you. I will continue to explain why I have come to my point of story for this.

1) In the internet all these information is most probably flying around. They are in books or when you have a service provider. You can ask them. You might waste more time but you will eventually find out

2) Writing blogs and articles are like advertising. You have to put in something before you gain it back. Like giving out flyers for your business. When you have content people come to your site and you gain some additional foothold and search engines tend to rank you higher because people think your site is interesting.

3) Then of course again, someone might find your writings knowledgeable and you have the expertise in the field that they want to do something about and

3a) Most people are lazy and it takes a long time to know the product and when there is a problem u usually don’t have the luxury time to take time to troubleshoot it and need it up as soon as possible. So it’s usually more cost effective to find someone with expertise to do then to spend time implementing, troubleshooting, training people to use the product.

4) You get to slack around and hope someone picks up your big ridiculously hard ideas and make an attempt at it. Maybe you get just a discussion. But what’s the harm. You most probably feel good if someone shares the same idea as you do.

5) It’s some sort of my legacy. In the end what do you leave behind I believe is the influence you have made to the people around you.



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