Better internet connection in the philippines

Recently went to the Philippines and the internet connection here is bad at the hotel as usual. Frequent off and on internet connections. Also web pages take forever to load.

So we went again to look at the internet connection. The infrastructure was doing this. Zxyel Router A with internet 1, Zxyel Router B with internet 2. To the pfsense router that merges the two internet connection together. Then to a dlink switch which links up Open Mesh . Then to another Edimax router. Then that router connects to another open mesh wifi access point A.

While router A and router B should be converted to a modem so to avoid double or more NAT but this could only be changed by the vendor as only the vendor has the password to access the router and the hotel owner does not have. What I do not understand is the double NAT from pfsense router to the next router then to the open mesh wifi access point for the hotel guest. This does not make sense. I have no idea how the pfsense was working as or was the double NAT screwing up the network.

Also a few times we have noticed that there was no light from the outgoing of the pfsense output to the switch which one of them we notice is that the dlink switch was not on. Loose power and network cables do not click to their connection points are often problems of internet connection and do check if they are powered or connection points are locked in.

So me and the hotel owner was trying ways to developing ways to make the internet connection better. He also wanted to add his phone 3g/lte connection to one of internet uplink to improve the internet speed. To do this we had to have additional inputs into the computer this is where the hotel owner went to purchase 2 additional usb to 10/100 lan we linked up the 10/100 lan to zxyel router with internet connection 1 and zxyel router with internet connection 2. 

So in the end we found out about Connectify and Speedify. Recently I also applied to their affiliate program. I will be updating the links after they approve my application. So if you find this case study useful why not buy it through us.

We went through some youtube videos about how to use it and also read through the website. So Connectify lets u use your computer as a virtual router. Initially when we were installing connectify and we skipped the installing of the windows patch because it didn’t seem to be loading and the hotel owner told me there was no internet and therefore he uninstalled it. The second time we install it we installed it with the patch. After downloading the installation seems to be stuck then after clicking a little we found out it was waiting for us to click ok to install the patch. After the windows patch was installed we fiddled a little around with the settings. At the start we went into the control panel network connections to bridge the connections. It didn’t seem to work so well. 

Also thought that should use bridge mode but that is wrong. After reading up it says bridge mode goes with manual ip assignment so to setup for dhcp then should be in routed mode. 

So this is the part we tried out speedify. Speedify combines the internet connection together and also use speed servers. After we installed speedify, Connectify interface appeared with speedify virtual adapter. So we setup speedify to use network adapter zxyel router with internet connection 1 to network adapter 2 and zxyel router with internet connection 2 to network adapter 3. We added to use wifi adapter which would link to the hotel owner’s mobile hotspot when he is around. Then we connected network adapter 1 to the switch. 

Also most of the speed servers do not accept p2p connections. The only speed server that turned up for the p2p seems to be in Amsterdam but the latency is killing us as you might know philippines pampanga here has a bad internet connection. So we switch to hongkong i believe that either singapore or hongkong will give a good internet connection

Then on connectify we set the internet connection source to speedify virtual adapter and the share over to network adapter 1. Then we started the hotspot.

Connectify hotspot then failed to startup. That was because the edimax router was connected to the switch and causing 2 dhcp server in the network after removing edimax router it was working fine. 

The setting of connectify is set for faster speed but in terms of philippines i believe it should be set to more reliability.

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