At sim lim again today, prolink online UPS and network surge protection (29-03-16)

The yellow ink of my hp printer was showing ink error so I had to send it down to singink to get it repaired. In the end something broken and it was repaired. The ink had to be replaced though as usual as all the times of servicing. Also I got my UPS back. Then I found out from the vendor the prolink online UPS for the tower model PROLINK PRO901S 1000va On-Line UPS and PROLINK PRO902S 2000VA On-Line UPS are both using 100mbps network surge protection. That is probably one of the reasons why my NAS seems to be acting a little slow. Probably the other tower models are the same maybe for higher end (more expensive models it will be different) and maybe the rack mount series. I was discussing with the vendor if there is a need to buy an alternate network surge protection but it seems that there is no need to do so, as he said that unless your network cable is outside the house and has chance to be strike by lighting there should not be a power surge from the network cable. Then if network surge is implemented it should be at the cable modem/fibre modem side to the router.

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