Aeroline into malaysia(13-12-17)

Going for comic fiesta in malaysia. Was introduced to aeroline quite sometime ago. It is a bus all the way from Harbourfront to Corus hotel Malaysia KLCC. Booking is cheaper from the than from

Provided maybe there is no finance charges for foreign currency.

They tell u to collect the tickets from the aeroline counter but I am not sure if you can directly use the booking pin.

So far the location to board the bus is somewhat just downstairs outside of the aeroline store. Which is like harbourfront’s loading area. I see alot of taxis alighting passengers there but its really expense if you decide to linger and park your car at the loading area.

They give you a bottle of water when you board. And they tell you that there is a toilet for quick relief and not for taking a dump. If you need to take a dump you can inform the driver for a pit stop. There is a power point at the side of the seat.

The route seems to take the tuas route to get into malaysia

The o point convenience shop just outside of the custom always seems like they sold out their sim cards. Well since I already have 1gb data roaming package for 1 month from singtel for 10 dollars I can still be online.

Then after they provide blanket and ear phone. There is a screen in front which gives you movies, music, photos and games. Which you can use your earphones

Also one meal with a hot drink is included. Seems like there is tea and hot chocolate. I suppose there is coffee too?

Made changes to the ticket changed it from 10 am to 7:30pm the administrative fee was rm 10.

19 dec 17

On the way back now. When boarding they ask if you need immigration forms.

The meals were served pretty quickly when we are on board the bus on the 7:30pm trip

Middle stop. To go for toilet break and also to buy some stuff.

The mini mart was more expensive then the petrol kiosk. Went there to buy some chewing gum back