A99 mark 2 camera review (30-12-16)

My old camera A850 broke down. The repairs was like 1300 so it wasn’t worth to go for the repairs. So i got reserved for a A99 mark and got it just 2 days ago.

This allows more versatility in shooting.

U need a UHS-I U3 compatible memory card if you are trying to record in

Change this to 60M and it will work


After using for sometime. When you use it for too long the camera actually becomes hot and the battery allows you to use only for a very short while. As being an slt either the monitor or the electronic viewer has to be always on. It will tell you it is overheating on the screen as well. Also the firmware is still at 1.00 which means they have not been updating the camera for a very long time. They seem to have moved on to the mirorrless already and have left the a-mount rotting away in one corner.


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