112 bm market & food centre & shenton way golden brige roasted chicken rice (珊頓道金橋燒臘雞飯)& lu jiang soy bean, bean curd, grass jelly (17-11-18)

Went to tiong baru central food centre. It was overly crowded because my friend says. Wet market is until 2. So we went to 112 bm market & food centre.

He introduced me to this chicken rice stall. I think its more of a roasted meat stall. My friend says there is a lot of people queueing in the evening and it is famous for the roasted meat more than the chicken rice.

Costs about 16 dollars. Consist of all the meats. It had roast pork, duck, roast chicken, white chicken, char siu and egg.

It tastes a little dry but Overall it is alright.

Went to try the soy milk also. My friend said that the bean curd had to much gypsum powder in it and you don’t really taste the bean curd. Only the sugar taste

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