Logitech G933 artemis spectrum snow wireless / no sound with g933 artemis spectrum snow / changing sound display device (21-06-19)

No Bluetooth it seems. Kinda of need audio jack for mobile. They use some kind of USB wireless adapter to transmit the sound.

It’s pretty heavy so you probably need put on top of ur head to make sure it doesn’t fall off.

Noise cancelling it says. When it wear it. It gets warm around the ears

Power button

When there is no sound you can on the headsets. It should be lit on. See if it is connected via the application. It will says it is connected or not. Try up and down the volume button.

If it is not having sound from the headsets.


Also if maybe there is still no sound. Even if it is connected. Off and on the device again. Tried again today. No sound even if it says connected. After that I on and off again then it is work.

Another thing. The wifi range of the headphones isn’t that good. I can be in the same room and I try to move to the bed and my usb dongle is just below because my pc is below the table and the signal would already break.